Here are our top ten tips for those looking to spend the holidays traveling alone:

  •     Go Big or Stay Home: Plan an outrageous, exciting adventure that will create memories and stories that will last years. The more remote and exotic the better. The holidays are the perfect time to kick up travel to another level.
  •     Know thyself: If being away from home is a first, travelers who go solo might want to stay closer to home.
  •     Sightsee: But make sure sights are open around the holidays, some might be closed. Be sure to check first.
  •     Giveback: Volunteer vacations offer double benefits. Individual travelers can feel great about their vacation and help others while also meeting like-minded people and having some company.
  •     Try a River Cruise: They provide solo travelers private cabins for time alone as well as a ready-made group for meals and sightseeing. Also the added security is a plus.
  •     Knock something off the bucket list: Solo travel is the perfect opportunity to pursue a passion. Go to a yoga retreat, a fitness getaway or on a biking tour.
  •     Develop a skill: Go to a cooking school in Tuscany or a Dude Ranch in Montana. These types of pre-organized travel experiences tend to attract other solo travelers.
  •     Use Social Media/Technology: Find a local social dining club or use a neighborhood App to arrange a Progressive Dinner Party, a great way to meet interesting people.
  •     Take up a Sport: Take ski lessons in the mountains, or try paddle boarding in the islands.
  •     If you can’t go somewhere, become a self-appointed daily docent at home: If the local museums and galleries don’t need holiday help, offer to give free tours for foreign or out-of-town visitors through a church, synagogue or the local community center.

For more ideas, see our great solo travel packages and search engine, the Solo Travel Pricing Tracker.