1. What is SOLO TREKKER 4 U’s goal?

SOLO TREKKER 4 U was founded to provide individuals with access to top hotels and tour packages either at improved rates for members or through select well-priced offerings or promotions also available to non-members.

2. Why is SOLO TREKKER 4 U needed?

Lodging and tours are generally priced based on double occupancy while locating the best offerings for individuals is difficult.

3. What are the benefits of membership?

A member benefits from:

  1. Access to providers who have negotiated a better single rate or promotions for members
  2. Connection with tours that already have a lower or no single supplement or with hotels/cruise ships that have attractive pricing
  3. Select well-priced offerings or promotions not limited to members


4. What does it cost to use the site?

There are no fees for unlimited use of the website.  Travel providers or advertisers pay any fees for listing on www.SoloTrekker4U.com. Premium services that are fee-based may be offered in the future.


5. How do I get started?

It’s easy.

  • If you are looking for independent travel whether solo vacation destinations or business solo travel, you can use the hotel search box or tour search box on the home page.
  • Alternatively, you can go directly to the hotel/travel packages link at the top of the home page. This will take you to categories based on destinations or types of travel.
  • Select a listing of interest, and check-out the trip details on the site.
  • If you like, consider similar packages or other destinations within the site.
  • For more details, click the link to the provider.
  • To purchase, go through the steps set out by the provider. Identify yourself as a member of Solo Trekker 4 U, and if applicable, provide any additional promo code set out in the listing. Then complete the payment process as set out on the provider’s website or by their call center.


6. How do I resolve a problem with checkout when booking travel via the website?

Once you have left our website, you must contact the provider’s customer service for assistance in completing the process.

7. How do I resolve a problem as to travel prior to departure?

Although the bookings are handled by the providers, if you cannot resolve issues prior to your departure, please contact our customer service. via our Contacts page.

8. What if I am not satisfied with the service I received on travel?

We are always concerned when members encounter problems or have unsatisfactory travel booked through our providers’ network. In addition to contacting the providers directly, please give us a call at: (+1) 202-518-9016, Monday-Friday 9 AM – 5 PM US Eastern Time, or email us at: CustomerService@SoloTrekker4U.com. We will follow-up as soon as possible.