Solo travelers pay too much too often with travel services based on two travelers, families or groups.


In addition, as a “group of one”, it is not easy to get access to top quality aside from price.

How Do You Find the Best Solo Travel Deals?

The Internet is full of generic travel sites. A simple search for “Africa”, “safaris” and “no single supplements” provides an avalanche of broad results. In 2012, I launched Solo Trekker 4 U to solve this problem of how to find the best solo travel deals.

Created specifically to provide solo travel deals and tips, Solo Trekker 4 U constantly updates its solo travel vacation packages and personal advice on how to make solo travel easy! Check out our paperback and ebook, “50 Years of Solo Travel“, available only at Amazon.

Join us! There is strength in numbers to get the top solo travel deals.

Our New, Free Tool for a New Time!

On Sept. 15, 2020, we launched the premium version of our

This patent-pending free search tool is special in two ways:

  • It is the only existing way to find solo travel deals tracked by pricing. Our pre-screened network includes 1,000+ travel providers covering 20,000+ trips.
  • After you find options you are interested in, you can then link directly to the tour, cruise or hotel provider and booking agent. You may even find they have other deals you like even better!

The SoloTravelPricingTracker is really two tools in one.

  • The first gives you access to tour and cruise providers.
  • The second is a search tool for hotels, bed and breakfasts and other lodging for a wide range of budgets.

Solo Travel Pricing Tracker: Tool and Cruise Searches:

Our user-friendly approach allows you to search by:

Locations: Regions and countries around the world:

Trip Type: Tours and cruises ranging from:

  • Budget to luxury options.
  • Younger travelers 18 to 35 and also seniors.
  • Adventure and active travel.
  • Cultural and historic journeys.
  • Safaris, wildlife and eco-tours.
  • Other special interests like food and wine.


Pricing Styles:

  • No single supplement deals
  • Low single supplement (20% or less)
  • Match sharing to avoid a single supplement
  • Single parent deals (primarily in Europe)

Solo Travel Pricing Tracker: Hotel Searches:

Whatever your style and budget, you will find your best option with our search tool.

You can do an easy search as follows:

Locations: Regions and countries around the world:

  • Twenty-one destinations. Our focus has primarily started with Europe. Why is that? Most of the remainder of the world offers only a “rack rate”. Under that system, a room is offered at a set price whether for one or two guests. This again means that those on travel alone must pay “one-for-the-price-of-two”!  The good news is that “solo-pricing” is very common in Europe. Discounts can range from a modest five to ten percent to almost half-off. I found this to be true not only in budget hotels but the world famous Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden.

Types of Lodging:

Nine types include:

  • Beach hotels
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Budget hotels
  • Business hotels
  • Castle hotels
  • Luxury properties
  • Ranches
  • Spas
  • Skiing nearby

Pricing Styles:

“Solo-priced” offers may range from:

  • A single room
  • A studio, apartment-style
  • A reduced rate on a standard room.
  • A “comfort rooms”. They tend to be in  large hotels. The price is reduced, but the style and service options are limited in contrast to standard bookings.

Special Category: “Top Value”:

Daily and seasonal prices constantly vary. In general, singles travel off-season will give up to a fifty percent discount on lodging in many spots. In Paris, I have saved half-off on a four-star hotel by going there in Jan. This is also really true in many far north destinations where prices drop with the temperature! Lastly, both beach and ski resorts drop prices at the end of the season.

To make it easy to find solo travel deals, we have added a special pricing category of “Top Values”. We have added these lodging options since they have great prices in light of their quality and location. We will continue to add to these. However, please note that a real “steal” in London’s Mayfair will be at a different price than in a remote area of Belize!

Beyond the price, be sure to check out if the room size and more limited amenities would work for you.

Try it out often to connect with new listings!

For more information and updates on how to connect directly with best solo deals, go to our SoloTravelPricingTracker link here. You may also go straight to the two free search tools at

What Does Solo Trekker 4 U Offer?

  • Our constantly updated personal travel advice is based on 50 years of solo travel.
  • Topics cover ways to save, to stay safer and to choose the right tour or cruise or to find new destinations or a fresh view on well-known vacation spots.
  • A free, bi-weekly newsletter provides updated tips and deals. Sign-up on our Solo Trekker 4 U Home Page now!
  • Our free solo travel search tool, the

In addition, our select pre-approved network will provide you with access to:

  • By searching our home page, one million plus hotel, bed and breakfast and homestay options from our search tool. You will find the same great discounst for which is famous but with their verified Solo Travel reviews for the best fit for you.
  • Curated top solo travel deals, tours, cruising and lodging plus highly recommend top research and customized trips.
  • Solo travel tips and solo travel destinations via our Blogs.
  • Low to no single supplements on worldwide tours and cruises.
  • Select tour providers that offer pricing reduction with their roommate matching.
  • Private solos-only tours subject to minimum number of travelers
  • Leading independent and escorted tour packages so you don’t have to go it alone
  • Diverse tours from sedate cultural and educational sojourns to active global adventures
  • Related travel services to make traveling the world alone easier!
  • To receive specials, please remember to identify yourself as referred by Solo Trekker and if needed, provide any promo code in the listing.

*In choosing our hotel search box, you can choose any level of accommodation/style that you prefer.

Our Focus On Quality Accommodations and Deals

On our pre-approved tour listings, our goal is great quality.

It is important to note that in certain regions 4-5 star rated facilities may not be available or accommodations may be unrated. Therefore, lodging for tours will be carefully selected from the accommodations offered.

In addition, although we work to negotiate better pricing for members, we will also include select listings with no single supplements/single rates or attractive promotions that are beneficial, but not exclusive, to our members.

We are great believers in the benefits of travel. To fully prepare for a trip though, it is always important before traveling to consider personal health and risks presented at each destination.

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